Tempered/Toughened Glass

Privacy/Magic Glass

Also known as switchable glass, Privacy Glass changes from clear to opaque (and vice versa) on the click of a button to provide privacy and safety.

Application – For conference rooms, offices, bathrooms, skylights, etc.

Georgian Bar Glass

Profiles are incorporated inside a double-glazed unit to give Georgian Bars a much longer life. As they are tightly sealed inside the glass, it is dust-proof, rust-proof and do not age in color.

Application – For French doors and windows, glasses walls, partitions, entrance, fixed windows, etc.

Heat Strengthened Glass
Heat Soaked Glass

Curved Glass

Aesthetically impressive and masterfully artistic that is also safe, this can be used as ‘curved tempered’ ‘curved insulated’ and ‘curved laminated’ for improved safety.

Application – For building facades, curtain walls, partitions, railings, etc.

Oleo Glass

Incorporated inside a DGU, this can be operated by both magnet and remote control. We incorporate integrated blinds as a Venetian or a pleated variety - in a choice of colors, This eliminates the need to clean the window and the blind systems.

Application – For facades, French windows and doors etc.

Laminated Glass

Security Glass

Our Security Glass includes the following types:

Chemical resin laminated glass to withstand normal hammer impact.

Designed to withstand projectile threats.

High impact resistant glass with glass & Polycarbonate laminated make up.

To prevent penetration of fragmentation & air blast.

Architectural Glass

Decorative/ Interior Glass

We offer a wide range of decorative glass solutions for the most demanding interior design projects. Each one of our products is uniquely diverse with high quality options.

Architectural Glass

Fire Resistant Glass

We partner with Pilkington for the world’s most advanced fire protection glass solution.

Clear fire-resistant glass that achieves full thermal insulation because of its well-researched and refined multilayer intumescent technology.

Ideal for use in escape and emergency exits, emergency doors to staircases, as well as for use in compartmentation walls, floors and roofs.

Clear fire-resistant glass designed to meet enhanced integrity performance criteria against flames, hot gases and smoke, and reduces the transfer of radiant heat.

Ideal for use in internal partitions, glazed screens leading to escape way, façade and smoke proof door applications.

Basic integrity fire-resistant glass intended to use as smoke retardant barrier for various glazing situations.

Well suited for cost-effective fire resistant glazing, no matter if flush gazes, sloped or smoke barrier applications are required.